Release Date: 2022-06-03

About Album

A good year after releasing their Debut-EP ‘Misses’, ‘DAENS’, which originates in the heart of Switzerland, are looking out to show the world what they’ve been upto with some brandnew material. With sounds reminiscing of the disco-era from the 70s, with heavy usage of synthesizers from the 80s, the indie-pop song lives in its own sonic world. Pumping pads are broken up by rhythmic guitarpatterns, while lead singer Daniel Beltrametti is singing about fears and sorrows we all know: being second-rate. In ‘Betterman’, wrapped in a love story, his feeling of being constantly bad is to be perceived in a more general way. Our individuality and our own beliefs about ourselves seem to be constantly challenged by outside influences. Be it in comparison to perfect supermodels or celebrities often admired by seemingly everyone on social media or on TV, or more talented people around us. The sound of the song is intended to offer a contrast to these suggestions and a way to break out of this too often experienced negative spiral, if it is only for three minutes.