’DAENS’ is a four-piece band, originating in central Switzerland and formed in 2018.
Since its formation in 2018, the band has played over one hundred concerts all over Switzerland and Europe and won several prestigious newcomer awards.
Their sound is probably best described as a 'mash-up' of each band members' favorite genres. Combining the inherently pop-influenced songwriting style of singer Daniel Beltrametti with influences from indie,
disco and funk brought in by the other bandmembers, they now loosely describe their sound as ‘cross-over-pop’. With their first EP 'Misses', released in early 2021, the band laid the foundation of a professional music career.
Important experiences were gained about what all belongs to a release - far beyond the composition and production of songs.
They gained useful insights in the process of producing, marketing and releasing a professional product.
Back in the studio, these experiences are implemented in new productions.
The new material is being recorded and produced in even closer collaboration with Andri Urfer at 571 Recording Studios in Zurich.
In summer 2022 ‘DAENS’ are back with a new sound, more refined and danceable than ever.

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