Our new single „LEAVE IT ALL“ out now.

Leave the dark times behind and start anew. The band DAENS from central Switzerland brings us the perfect anthem for spring with “Leave It All”. Catchy, encouraging, and danceable.

“I gotta shoot the clouds away – I gotta find those golden days”

Sometimes our mental baggage becomes too heavy, and we just want to escape our daily lives and leave everything behind.

But for shadows to appear, light must come from somewhere. And so, even the toughest times can become a driving force for new joy in life, if we give ourselves time and stand up for ourselves. DAENS knows this well and encapsulates that feeling in their new single “Leave it all”.

Despite the difficult subject matter, the song feels anything but heavy-hearted. Instead, it allows us to break free from monotony. Produced in collaboration with producer Andri Urfer at the 571 Studios in Zurich, the track offers everything we could wish for from the young band: captivating bass lines, uplifting synthesizer sounds, and a vocal melody that perfectly heralds the warm season ahead.